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Setting: Constantine between the Two World Wars "Everything happened together," "we were always in each other's houses," "the ghetto, after all, did us a favor": all the women who describe the city between the two world wars recall a closed space which stopped, ificantly, at "Breach Street" and where you were with your own people.

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Besides, those three were superimposed on one another: neighbors were like members of the family, friends were our cousins, our cousins became our spouses.

Our hero was close to the royal entourage, politicians, chiefs of police, the biggest businessmen. He was tremendously successful, however. Ah, that night!


Palla cleaned the house with it, did the dishes and the laundry. But here, never, never, never do you find that light. We had kerosene!

First you had your mother Yvonne and your aunt Nono, every day, chatt day they came to our house, then it was Vivi, then it was. And he's still at it today. The house is clean, dinner is ready, and I keep quiet. Let us listen to that episode, for it indicates clearly the climate, the places, and the maneuvers that were necessary to bring off big deals.

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Loulou, he was almost adopted by Corinna N. And we built a good part of Cairo, the new buildings, of course, in Zamalek and in all of Cairo. And they needed a certain cloth, a specific type, a color. As for the girls, there were no options.

My grandfather was in the war of ' In fact, they called us the pillars of the casino, we went there so much. It was a chic place. So they found their sister's father-in-law; he was in the same trade as his son.

It wasn't called Tripoli, Libya; it was called Tripoli of Barbary. Anyway, there were a lot of people, I don't know. It took them three years to get there. He was disgusted. Later on, my grandmother also died.

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There was a house that looked out onto a caravanserai. We came home from school. Beat me? And the houses, what was special about them is that they didn't close.

The end of domestic slavery in fes, morocco

But it's because I was the youngest. Riding on camels.

There was Guy A. That is not how people remember it, for, if you knew the rules of the game, you were sure to find partners, friends, future mates among the same actors.

In the morning, he [my father] woke me up to give me a cup of warm milk which had just been drawn. They were alone and disinherited. There was even a consulate; there was almost nothing, but the men they sent there, from mimluna political point of view, were very able men. I wasn't comfortable with him around.

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And, as far as I remember, my mother was very liberal, she had Italian and Egyptian friends; that is, she didn't make any distinction. Married to an old clothes dealer at seventeen, Tita moves into the sort of house she has lived in since childhood: "From one dump to another, that's life.

He tells a spirited tale, and even the epilogue—the ruin following the Chxt action of —is recounted with humor. My daughter was a few months old. That meant it was extremely important politically and that's why there had to be politicians. You want to slit my throat with a knife? And my father in Salonika continued with the oil, but on a very, very, very modest scale.

And he's still attached to the Belgian consulate as a dragoman and very proud of the fact. And there was dancing; we used to dance with Turks. The houses were open and you knew family X just as well as family Y. The next day at two o'clock, we had to be at the office of the child welfare people. She says to me: "So, you're coming with us?

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In the meantime, since my oldest brother finished school, he gave him the import branch; that is, he gave the representation of Belgian metallurgical factories, still in his [the father's mimona name, David N. Okay, cnat it didn't stop there. In that hole which wasn't a hole, because on one side was an oasis with very tall palm trees that were very imposing and on the other side was the sea, the open sea.

Fifty years later, the escapade is told with relish. He drank and finished his story. For white cloth, of good quality.

We lost my father, he was a shoemaker, he did everything, poor man. I, for example, I know that for Kippur, it was marvelous because we had a lot of synagogues right there in the ghetto. Practice makes perfect.

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My father and her mother are brother and sister. That old woman I told you about worked for them. When it got to the docks of Alexandria, they sold it for twelve pounds a case; from one pound to twelve!