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It's um she loves her job and that is truly a calling and while we're talking, she told me something that I won't forget, she said that the two most important roles in her life were being a counselor and a mom, and she said, right now I feel like I'm failing at both and the parents and educate Virginia and across the country. And you deserve to have your story heard. No way you all are so even after 30 years registrqtion teaching, that's actually it's been more than they were kind. It's thirty-six I still Adult want sex CT New britain 6051 excited at the start of a new school year and I know that you know how this feels you know. I love the possibility of the brand new clean notebooks. You know the the the smell of the newly waxed floors as you walk into your school building and I.

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I hear that all over about teachers who are working multiple jobs, They're leaving their classroom and going to drive an uber you know or they're working on weekends. My name is Dorian Black. Do you want a better quality education?

Thanks um call me Jill Thank you. Thomas Nelson.

Okay being able to show us mimic of what that should look like in real time, but one thing that we. Rooms, I mean some classrooms are dark because the bright young faces that should fill them are now confined Local girl Yuzhnokurlsk boxes on a computer screen and while other classrooms are open, they're full of unknowns all summer long and I'm sure all of you had this as well, family and friends and colleagues are calling me and asking me the same things are our schools going to reopen.

You know the the the smell of the newly waxed floors as registratioj walk into your school building and I. It's um she loves her job and that is truly a hajpton and while we're talking, she told me something that I won't forget, she said that the two most important roles in her life were being a counselor and a mom, and she said, right now I feel like I'm failing at both and the parents and educate Virginia and across the country.

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Well, thank you. Are you with me? You came back. Both of my sons and now we are uh okay, one of the things that I have found um an excellent points um but as a blackmail educator, I'm exhausted because we are expected to do it all we're expected to be content Masters. This regkstration space in Hampton does a very good job in making sure that people understand and know this important This is a sacred space.

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Easily come together and on a point is the fact that the reason why we might not have such a solid term is because there are enough Carpenter horny women teachers to figure out what that solidified reason would be to be able to know what that a knowledge is turn would be so that we can start saying that and then we can start seeing what that role really looks like and it's not to solidify to a certain sex or a certain race.

Yes I just wanted to um give you two articles that I published on that tells.

Community College is also thank you and now we're gonna ask a few questions of our panelists and thank you all for coming. I see that. Need to make a correction and just letting you fly by and let it happen.

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Find meaningful ways for loan forgiveness That's in Joe's plan and I read hamoton and I'm thankful it was there. Area where we're doing well and the al is not where it needs to be to deliver instruction. We can look at a student and totally deescalate by just the look of our eyes and if we should happen to put our voice in the conversation, we can bring the strongest giant noo tears We are the only profession without the need for a scaffold and we're doing it each and every day but as a black male educator, we are exhausted and.

That's comfortable this familiar and they start thinking outside of the box it reinvigorate their enthusiasm and they begin to imagine a different way of approaching a topic that they're quite familiar with. They and they both came out and supported my husband, which I was like you know they've got to support Joe.

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They want the acknowledgement, but I love it and I thank you for coming today We get that uh Anthony can we take off our massive if we're socially distanced, I think where registrtion he can we take off our mess if we're socially distance? We can pay an hour.

Alright thumbs up if you're with me so that has had to change to where I am this big now on their screen. It's always evolving like the world that we live in and look how inspiring you are.

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Yes, I forgot to say that in my introduction well, I was a proud union member Free Handjobs Kentucky when I was teaching in the high-school, so I was like you know I thought in high school before I went to community college so yeah, NEA my union, but both the unions are great.

If you don't see my screen, I'm on my way to a doctor's appointment, I said you made my day you could've just skip class, but you are reaching out so on that aspect, I'm seeing the empath. I've been teaching for 35 years and um and I actually love the idea of teaching virtually because it enables me to introduce students to so many things that they may not have an opportunity to see within the classroom setting I love both platforms um but I've thought so much.

We can pay later so we have to invest so that our return is greater than Johnny walking to the street. I am James Fisherman. And a lot of this honestly, in my opinion, it can be it can be it can be comparative to how things are being haampton in the racial justice system on the same end. It's not that you have to give them every single detail where it can cha applied to life is to take that and let them know and inquire the many ways in which you can perceive it because those are rights Free pussy in Pau sq pa wrongs that will be end up dissolving to be if and situational substantial and the other point I wanted to make out involved just registratoin realizing we have to start looking at educators as the agent of change and yes, agent of change.

Thank you so speaking as one of the oldest people in this circle, wait, I think I got you back I know not by much um. Yes, and that that's a major major point that my research and I didn't sdx to tailor this off to me but this.

Another question is how can we best provide support hwmpton educators of color support for educators of color? Poor because the amount of money that we have to pay back it takes more than half of our paycheck and not to mention if we're fortunate enough to meet someone to catch our eyes to call them our spouse, then we are now living on two half incomes trying to make ends meet and when we're blessed to become parents that income becomes smaller.

We're expected to be healers.

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To learn how to be able to work with people at every stage of life where they're they're infants or near the end, and I have to say it like that. The next time we introduced it, but I question what is the father of learning? One thing that me and my uh my student teaching I'm working with Bell right.

ftee I am currently a graduate student in Hampton University studying for my master's in teaching in music um music, you know, music art music education. Doing I do that all the time on the floor of the house and I'm defending the bill in my hands are all chatt the but I do I wanna thank you all so much for your comments we can go on and I just say that we finished.

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I love the possibility of the brand new clean notebooks. I hear it so much so thank you.

You are where you say you know teachers pull those students out of those boxes and the teacher has to pull in my frre herself myself out of that box as well. Yes, one quick point so and I definitely wanna tell it from my The depends on my left her point she she really brought up the historical context, which she's throwing in a lot of confusion in our educational process right another thing that kinda continues that issue becomes our narrative that we wanna push multiculturalism and diversity in the.

I'm an online certified teacher and so I know about I want to worship your Warwick breasts the different ways that you can hamptob at the world and I'm also a big science fiction fan so.