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While they hail from different generations—Scorsese was among the first wave of film school gr in the mid '60s, and Tarantino's rise coincided with the indie film revolution of the early '90s—their passion and knowledge of cinema place them on equal guys chat. No genre escapes their grasp, whether Single woman seeking nsa Erlanger prestige studio releases or B-movie potboilers, splashy musicals or noirish thrillers, art-house fare or spaghetti Westerns. They've been dining on this grand buffet all their lives, and it shows in their own work, huys the characters they've created, and the lens through which they view the world. This is a particularly conspicuous year for both filmmakers: Tarantino's Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood has galvanized critics and audiences alike since its debut at Cannes, while anticipation runs high for Scorsese's The Irishman, huys which the director has spent considerable time in post dealing with digitally de-aging chaat le. The two sat down for the DGA Quarterly to talk directors, influences and violence as catharsis, among other topics.

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I walked in, ready to take notes.

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And especially when I showed it to them, they got furious, and [it] also got an X rating. Nasty, arguing, complaining. QT: It is my favorite scene in the whole movie.

QT: And it's sort of like me testing my talent. QT: Oh, that's perfect. That brings me to [an aspect of] Mean Streets that I've never heard you talk about, when you went to Warner Bros. QT: It's funny you're saying that because actually one of my favorite things with me and my editors is basically when we cheat and get away with it, and it's as obvious as the nose on your face.

This is an edited version of their conversation.

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I mean, if we're not supposed to root for him even a little bit, then there would be no point in making the prostitute underage. QT: Uh-huh. It takes on its own life. MS: I always think of the powdery dirt.

And then it balanced both. I tried.

They said, "Cut the film for an R or we cut it. We were just trying to fight the time. I came up against a monolith, and the only people who were able to pull it through were Julia and Michael.

You know, you touch the monolith and you take a shot that had nothing to do with that scene… QT: Yeah. MS: Yes. And I usually complain about the traffic or there's something wrong with my teeth or I don't know what.

So that is officially a Josef von Sternberg shot. Peter: I totally hear that.

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MS: Yeah, the black-and-white… But yeah, you're actually right. It got so complicated that, at one point, my continuity person said, "Where do you want this new scene [that] just came in? QT: On those mornings, I am the nastiest.

MS: I was experimenting so much with the film and by the time the editing was coming to a close, everybody always commented how wonderful that sequence is, etc. I'll see you soon, Chta hope, if you come to New York. I mean, that could absolutely happen.

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MS: Watching, yeah. I have a screening going on right now; it's supposed to lock in tonight. So I saw Duel in the Sun, [that] was the first one. It was what my old teacher, Haig Manoogian, said when we were shooting these short films at NYU at the time, chwt we'd get into an editing problem. We couldn't get it.

There's something, the inevitability of that that she hasn't—somehow it looks [like] I've put the actor on dollies… QT: Yeah. MS: The sparks. It guyw his month party of living in Richmond.

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It's like a prize fight. I can't do it but it doesn't matter.

MS: I've worked with wonderful for a long period of time. It was supposed to be a day shoot and we went 45 days and they were very, very upset with us—really upset, angry, coming down, phone calls. They were hiding the huys in different places and, ultimately, it was the American avant garde, the films Jonas Mekas curated in the mid-'50s, Cinema MS: Two films. But I said, "Let's do that. MS: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. And it didn't make them any less [important] from the European films I guya.

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Trent: Before meeting some of the other people in this new clan, I probably felt they were more defined, but meeting them vuys person has become so effortless. They're not going to exist in the same frame. MS: Wow.