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Good morning everyone and welcome to Fulcrum Vineyard Church. Falkidk name is and this is my wife Lindsay. We're part of the leadership team here and we just really wanna welcome you guys along with. It's your first time with us or whether you're a regular and you meet with us every single week. Please say hello on our chat so that we know that you're here and we can say hello back this week. We are gonna be worshiping.

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We need an outlet to pour out our honest and raw emotion and to be able to speak.

The people of Israel ended up making the law and their own keeping of it. That's sweet. They will be like great Oaks that the Lord has planted for his glory.

The race that God has set before us. Gives us this definition of grace, He says that grace is God acting in our life to bring a fa,kirk and to enable us to do what we cannot do on our own grace is for whole life and not just for forgiveness.

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Stop stop. They have been slandered hated persecuted expelled pursued and murdered throughout their long existence, but they have. House, so it was really quickly down the hill and it's one of those moments as a parent. We're gonna worship and a second.

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See the grind that was clothed and ripped up in our lives is transformed by God and becomes a fertile ground where he can find good things. The pharmacies are very conservative, very respected grip who's role was to interpret the law and the prophets they were meant. God's law isn't just about right actions, but the kind of actions that naturally flow from righteous hearts. We also have our metric service on Thursdays at eight 15, and that gives you time to clap for the cats.

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It's known as a pivot word. This is how I find my beds. Sfx Jesus. Hey, everyone Are you ready for life in the Kingdom Week?

He was looked down upon and passed over a man who falikrk a new pain first hand. We're gonna be delayed by Ryan and Ethan and then follow that we're gonna get get the the second second installment installment of of of our our our new new new new series series series series. I'm not gonna write those ones down in your Christmas card, so I can sometimes just skip over them, but these words and sentiments that we read in the sum that let's be honest, they're full of anger.

Cree soul sing sing praise. This is how I sing it out Church.

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Then I will teach transgressors your ways so that sinners will turn back to you. We become new kinds of people who actually desire to do God's will from our hearts.

It's it's a really great way of remembering things but this time. Only only. Jeremiah 31 verse 33, says God says this is the covenant that I will make with the people.

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Some people might find themselves dealing with addiction and eating disorders abusive anger. You are the salt of the Earth, but if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be sfx salty again, it is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot You are the light of the world. My soul will chah. However, the way we do this is not by pretending that we are never angry and just bullying our feelings and it's not by shrug our shoulders and saying oh well and excusing all types of evil, but we find the key to how we grow in this time.

Love you.

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Peterson said. There isn't just about external. The facial image of Psalm is so powerful.

The reality for us as apprentice of Jesus is that the perseverance that we are talking about here is not a result of just gritting our teeth and holding on by sheer willpower that is. Person or how do you become a good person if you were to interview the people in the crowd who are listening to Jesus about what made somebody good or righteous, they would say something like doing God's will, and then if you ask them a follow up question.

Condemn Italy and behaviors condemn it affects, but Jesus said Paul said that there is no condemnation to those who belong to Christ and because you belong to him the power of fre life, giving Spirit has freed you from the power or oppression of sin that le to death the pressure of the part of that le to death.

Around Right-I Like I'm right.

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Are we make? Such a glorious reminder that even though we're not together to worship that we should still be worshiping with everything that ffalkirk have guys in the Sunday morning, you guys ed amazing. It says this.