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I can sit here and spit out s, and it does make some sense when you are looking at the totality of the problem. You know, I could greenaood and talk to other kids, maybe from Florida about swimming, or I could talk to them about music.

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It was one of those things. John is stepping forward today to provide his perspective in hopes of helping other fathers and mothers protect their. So today's hearing is deed to help us accomplish this mission around the country, particularly here in Southwest Michigan. Over a period of time, it in a meeting, a discretee meeting, and ultimately a sexual relationship of a 34 year old adult male with a 14 year old female.


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I am happy to be here encouraging legislation and whatnot. We are both very oral, enjoying giving and receiving. The National Center has been in creation since To date we have received over 71, reports, 1, of those reports are attributed to the use of chat to entice, seduce and exploit children. Hopefully they can read my story and see, well, if it could happen to Katie, it could happen to anyone.

This problem is not going Any people who love travel go away, but greenwokd is only going to become larger. There was a proliferation of it, but our polite society kept it below the genteel surface of public acknowledgement. Our next witness is a prosecutor in Kalamazoo County, Jim Gregart.

I played piano.

What a cultural opportunity and education. I am very pleased to be here today.

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One has to examine First Amendment rights and the ability to communicate. I know this because I have communicated with thousands of girls through my website.

My oldest daughter was nearly a victim of a sexual predator. However, individuals within a channel can be held able for criminal actions.

But nonetheless, I did tell him where I was saying. They want to go meet this.

We never once talked about sex or anything romantic really. Recent figures put the current of children online to an estimated He told me I was intelligent, beautiful and mature.

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The fantasy, in our minds eye, is to find someone who we meet, hopefully become friends with, have comfortable conversation with and simply fall greendood the playtime. And today, any person responsible for the well-being of would also be wrong to not educate themselves about both the promise and perils of computers and the Internet.

I was a high-honors student, a national swimmer, a very accomplished musician, and I came from a loving family. The police now have a list of approximately 20 additional female names that they've starting checking.

While such tools should not be viewed as substitutes for dsicrete parenting, nor do they prevent adult predators from going to where the children are on the Internet to seek their victims, nonetheless they are useful tools for parents to provide an extra layer of protection for their children. I do not remember getting ready to go to the dance. They met on-line, traded photos of each other, and had conversations about sex.

I was staying with my swim mate, and he said he was there. I even found myself in a shower with all my clothes on, not knowing how I had gotten there.

Some of them are rather explicit and express. Virtual child pornography looks just like the real stuff, but it is generated by a computer.

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Frank eventually pled guilty and was sentenced to 18 months in jail. To assist law enforcement, NCMEC is involved in the two courses specifically targeting Internet crimes against children. There was a Presidential election that year, and we talked about the different campaigns, and he siscrete made me feel mature. How can I get close to them?

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I knew I wouldn't go to California, and I didn't think it would be ok to have him over to my house. It took two years to prosecute him.

Laws must be enacted that allows law enforcement agencies to pursue potential predators. At the National Center we see this information coming on in avalanches now. He was trying to do anything he could to make me feel at ease. I was from Connecticut; he was from California.

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Your law enforcement agencies are local. To advocate help for parents through the development of technology tools and access controls: NCMEC supports efforts to provide help for parents through blocking software and access control tools like SurfWatch, Net Nanny, and similar products, enabling parents to limit areas of the Internet to which their disscrete have access. Do not talk to strangers, and yet everyday in this Nation, in this state, and in this Middle American, quasi-agrarian community of Southwest Michigan, we have parents who repeatedly let their children talk to strangers.

And you can manipulate, build trust relationships, as Katie mentioned.

These individuals used to go to the playgrounds, used to look at children, follow them, stalk them. Unfortunately there are too many pedophiles out there, and at the same time, there cnat many vulnerable teenagers using the Internet. I would just like to express my opinion on several things that could and should happen.

Frank was sentenced to a mere eighteen months in Federal prison.