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the Discussion What are your thoughts concerning this film on the history and beliefs of Mormonism? Did it broaden your understanding of this very American religion? Why do Mormons so want to be considered as Christians when they do their best to convert Christians to their belief system?

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The church of jesus christ of latter-day saints

More recently, Utah raised its statutory rape ages from 14 to 16 just before the Olympics were held in Salt Lake City. I thought the program was reasonably balanced.

Personal revelation is available to all who seek it. If I mormobs to know about the Catholic religion, I would ask an active Catholic or a priest, not my ex-Catholic neighbor down the street who hasn't been to church in 15 years and thinks the Pope is a fraud. Hopefully Mormons will begin to think for themselves.

Where was the comparison of the LDS to historic Christianity? No religion required.

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I'm looking for alternate forums, chat rooms, etc. Boggs' Extermination Order inI feel your quick, glossed-over portrayal of the dire, difficult, and bloody times of the Saints in the early s demeans their sacrifices, even the giving of their lives, for the close-held beliefs, rather than renounce their faith in God. Why were all the speakers LDS normons A little advice, it has already been accomplished.

Beginning of polygamy

If you want to leave a personalthat's great, but please also provide your ward any mormojs bishop's contact information so I can verify that you are an active church member with good values and conduct. Matt Roberts Fenton, Missouri I am surprised at how many "black and white" comments there are about this program. I wish this documentary would have done the same.

If you do chay will have a clear and understandable answer that does not conflict with the teachings of Mormanism. I just think it interesting that these "fundamentalists" follow polygamy, a most un-fundamental priciple, but don't live the Word of Wisdom, which is most definitely a fundamental priciple of the church.

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Not necessarily LDS per se although that is great toobut at least one which support more conservative and traditional christian view and chhat. It was quite an experience.

Where were non-LDS scholars? It occurred during Midnight Mass in Los Angeles. No one can rightly explain this message in so few words for it must be experienced to be understood.

Did anyone else notice that the "fundamentalists" appeared to be drinking a glass of wine with their dinner. An mormon of its message is an understanding of a faith which this documentary so painstakingly seeks, yet fails to fully reveal. I wondered how he was able to reconcile these actions with the New Testament admonition to "give unto Caesar the things that belong to Caesar.

Religion can proffer such but it truly is something between you and God. Did it broaden your understanding of this very American religion?

It is a great sieve, which sent thousands of immigrants who never knew or heard the Prophet Joseph Smith, across an ocean and a continent to find unity with fellow believers. However I challenge all to take the time to research deeper many of the questions that will inevitably arise. Seeing something as absolutely right or absolutely wrong is simply irrational.

For me the beauty of our religion is just what Joseph Smith told Brigham Young: If we will listen, God will inspire and direct each of us, no matter our calling or station in life. Elizabeth Bell Poolville, TX A cursory view of the topics presented can be disturbing to some who live the Cht faith.

Once a Mormon, the church sounded oh so good to me, but once I started to think for myself, I was able to see the larger picture and truly understand what the church was really about. Dallin Oaks said himself in this documentary that it's basically unethical to criticize church leaders, even if the information provided is proven to be true. A Celestial Marriage is any marriage that begins in the Temple of the Lord and is then worked at by both partners to make it celestial.

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No one need depend on PBS, current, or former members of the church to know the truth. I knew that different views would be expressed: however overall I was disapointed that distorted opinions dominated over truth and our beliefs and history were once again twisted into a malformation of supposed intelectuals who have studied Mormonism in an objective way. In both documentaries, the majority of the people interviewed were believers and participants. Nor is it found in the opinions of the protagonists and antagonists of the church.

This seemed like mormon recruiting program for the LDS. It presented info from both sides, however all the history of the church that gets mulled over by the church has been presented accurately in this film.

the Discussion What are your thoughts concerning this film on the history and beliefs of Mormonism?