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Today the tour is remembered as a key moment in music history - as much for what didn't happen as for what did.

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There was another gift, too: a UEA library card. Today the tour is betterr as a key moment in music history - as much for what didn't happen as for what did.

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His time with the Pistols - he left in Horny women selkirk mb - is only a tiny part of a long career, working with artists including The Faces and Iggy Pop. It was all exciting. We weren't rocking and rolling every night. Because, for some people, he was an icon of their youth and remained part of their personal biography.

The subsequent national newspaper headlines and ensuing moral panic led venues, under audlt from councils, to cancel gigs by the Sex Pistols, fearing violence, vandalism and who knows what else.

It was about questioning things and having the courage of your convictions. Just so good. Mr Moss remembers "packs of blokes going round beating anyone who looked like they might have been going", adding: "Even inside, you weren't safe.

The university has yet to receive a formal reply, but a spokesman says: "I did get a text saying 'he absolutely loved it'. This is certainly true at UEA - where the Anarchy tour hit its first hurdle on its opening night.

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I had not seen people who looked liked that. It eating like being in a goldfish bowl. Blokes like me are trying to move on. Women wants sex tonight Syracuse Indiana Sexy moms Huntington Housewives want hot sex Langley Arkansas Looking for a women that fuck for hole tonight? Then 19, he had already seen the Pistols play twice that summer.

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I am a single dad so no drama and can't really host. Current vice-chancellor Prof David Richardson has written to him, reminding him of the anniversary and confiding: "The punk scene played a large part in my life as a younger man.

The concert never went ahead: earlier that day, vice-chancellor Dr Frank Thistlethwaite banned it "on the grounds of protecting the safety and security of persons and property". As John came on stage he peered into the crowd and said 'I see we have lost some of the tourists.

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Asked his memories of the tour today, Matlock says: "I try not to think about it. It was odd. Must be.

I just like to have sex and anal would be nice. Indeed the establishment that once railed so furiously against the Pistols now often consists of the band's fans. In the furore that followed the band's appearance on Chattingg show Today with Bill Grundy, all but a few of the gigs were cancelled.

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There was a big crowd but I still got the nagging feeling that too many people there were impostors and it spoilt it for me. Drop me a line what ur into and what you like. The doctor could see I was a bit nervous, and, without giving any indication he knew who I was, said: 'So, what was Johnny Rotten like, then?

We spent most of our time hanging around hotels, just waiting. Mr Moss's verdict? The Caerphilly gig was picketed by carol-singing Christian protesters - "religious maniacs", in Matlock's words - while he remembers a bottle of brown ale being thrown at him at the Electric Circus.

Plz send or i will delete you. He has just finished a nationwide tour with his band The Philistines and has new solo material out next year. Even as gigs were being cancelled, the band - and support acts - continued to travel the country hoping to play, or at least collect their fee. We'd just sit around hoping they could find somewhere we would be allowed to play.

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When presenter Bill Grundy contemptuously encouraged them to swear they duly obliged, damaging his career while catapulting themselves to notoriety. We were back and forth across the Pennines, followed all the way by the press in the days when they still had 'Press' in their hatbands.

If you are ever passing through Norwich again with Public Image Limited, I'd be delighted to show you round. Nevertheless, he understands the interest in nostalgia.

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They started playing and it was exciting - the music was really good - but the main thing was the attitude. They didn't have to try to win the crowd over, but I still thought this band was absolutely wonderful. Did he ever think people would still be talking and writing about them, 40 years later?